The Belgian Jinho 9 uses his Jamaican and Congolese roots to give a unique twist to his music. Jinho 9 had his very first radio appearance in the FunX studio in 2020. During his Funx Session, Jinho 9 stood out for his language skills; he rapped in Dutch, English, French and German. Subsequently, Jinho 9 released his single ‘Omdat Het Kan’ in 2020 with which he attracted the attention of the Dutch Rap scene. In 2022, Jinho 9 released ‘Interessant’ featuring Bizzey, KATNUF, & Jeriel Thunder which went viral on TikTok. His latest release ‘Blind Op Zoek (Trapagas)’ became an instant viral hit in the Netherlands and Belgium. Jinho 9 continues to gain popularity and recognition for his unique blend of Belgian, Jamaican, and Congolese influences in his music. In addition to his impressive language skills, he has also been recognized for his innovative and catchy beats and lyrics. With each new release, he continues to attract new fans and solidify his place in the Dutch rap scene. Be sure to check out his official YouTube channel for the latest music videos and behind-the-scenes content.


Production Company: Studio Nul
Direction: Gene Gulpen
Director of Photography: Cijrille Kurvers
Edit: Gene Gulpen
Styling: Amy Bender Styling
Best Boy: Noah Kloens