From Social Design Police:

“Social Design Police is a program of the police. The intention is to stimulate learning space for (self) reflection and experiment. Because we want to get better at it.

Together they worked on a social issue. The world is more complex and uncertain than ever. How can the police add positive value? With ambitious modesty, we hope that we have gained experiences and ideas of the police (people) and society inspire us to learn together.

Small things in the perspective of something bigger. Pacers, triggers or openings to the good, just and moving in a different direction.

Watch the mini documentaries here for a lively insight into the collaborations.”


Client: Dutch National Police
Director: Jack Westerlaken
Production and concept: Arnoud Grootenboer & Marjon van Gelderen
Camera: Edward van Dongen & Sjors Mosman
Sound: Bas Dickhoff
Production: Studio New West